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Why DSL?


DSLC established in 1981, since then it has accomplished many successful projects in UK, Europe, and the Middle East. In the “Case Studies” Section, one of the case studies is showing the high level of skills that DSLC make available to the Client on demand to address any additional requirement during the project progress without having to search for another PM company.


DSLC added value and Contribution to the Clients Projects:

  • Over 25 years of experience in the financial market place.

  • Our consultants have International experience that will enhance the implementation of the system thus giving the bank a full utilization of the investment for a truly global competitive edge.

  • DSLC has different skill sets not only covering the “Banking Systems” but also in the other areas that will be supporting the implementation of the Banking System such as Client/Server, Integration, Networking, and Telecommunication. These resources can be called upon, if required, to assist in achieving a successful conclusion to the project implementation.

Benefits to Clients:

  • The Client will have immediate access to highly experienced resources to provide the appropriate banking system consultancy and project management.

  • The Client will have available, on demand, highly complementary experienced technical resources to assist in smooth project implementation, if required.

  • DSLC experienced resources will assist in reducing the project implementation Risk and subsequently reduce the financial and other risks to the Client.

  • The Client will have access to wealth of technical Banking Systems expertise that will assist in selecting the most appropriate and efficient configuration thus having a highly reliable system and reducing ongoing costs.

  • The Client will have access to wealth of international Banking Systems expertise that will assist in making the most appropriate project decisions to give the Client an international competitive edge.





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